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poured paint, ocean art, whale art, canadian art, west coast artist
turtle art, poured paint, canadian art, west coast art
poured paint, canadian art, mountain painting, west coast art
octopus art, ocean art, poured paint,, canadian art, west coat art

Poured paintings are an incredible way to use acrylic paints to create unexpected and surprising results.

Instead of the typical use of tools like brushes or knives to create a piece of art, fluid paints are poured directly onto the surface and the canvas tilted to move the paint around. Pouring paints allow for the colors to blend naturally as they come in contact with each other.

The techniques for each piece differs in that some canvases are approached with a distinct goal and with a desired outcome, while other times the results are a random, independent birth and quite often an appealing surprise.

This form of painting allows me to take joy in color and texture while appreciating paint for what it is - an entity completely separate from my ego and desires. The relinquishing of control is both refreshing and humbling.


"To be creative means to be in love with life"


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