A little bit about myself

  Originally I was born in Calgary, Alberta, and now, after many years of travel, have found myself growing roots in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


  Much of my painting inspiration comes from our spectacular west coast scenery although I  have been greatly influenced by the many different people and countries I have visited. I am awed by the beauty and diversity the entire world has to offer.

  As opposed to concentrating on one specialized style, I am currently lost on a tangent of discovery, taking me through various mediums and techniques. Experiencing the newness of the unknown fills me with the joy and wonder that to me is creation. I have enjoyed the art of sculpting and painting for over 30 years.


  My artistic expression is seldom conveyed with one strong, consistent voice, but rather a quiet reflexion of the multifaceted, chaotic, stunning beauty that is life around us.

  For information concerning my participation in current shows, or with questions regarding the purchase of an original or Giclee canvas print, feel free to email me. Several current nudes are on display in Victoria at Love Den in Langford.

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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"
Thomas Merton

    Amanda Lynn